The JDM Miracle Glove is Designed for Your Comfort and Performance

Complementing its revolutionary gripping qualities are the Miracle Glove's high performance, state of the art fabrics and unique features.

The JDM Miracle Glove uses a specially blended partnership of smooth and suede synthetic materials. The smooth synthetic is used primarily on the back of the hand, with the suede synthetic being used between the fingers and in the palm of the glove. The Miracle Glove contains no leather, and with good reason. The carefully chosen synthetic materials we use breathe better than leather, thus managing sweat and improving your grip.

Another feature of the Miracle Glove is its truly ergonomic angled tab. Unlike traditional, lateral tabs (that often put a choke hold around the wrist) the Miracle Glove's angled tab wraps naturally around your hand in an 'across and up' (i.e. angled) direction that allows for easy access and removal. This snug fit provides the greater flexibility, extra support and comfort you need to play your best.


Sizing Chart more text here This is the inside of the glove This is the Outside of the glove