Created in partnership with doctors, physical therapists and PGA golf professionals, this state-of-the-art gripping system is a proven solution for those who have trouble holding onto a golf club.
The Assist-a-Grip™ System uses 'hook and loop' technology woven into the glove and embedded into a specially designed golf club grip (sold separately).

When the glove and grip are paired together the two bond in a way that puts you in control, whether you're teeing off or making a three-foot putt. There's no worrying about the club slipping out. Nor will it twist unexpectedly. The JDM Miracle Glove helps you keep the club face square, swing after swing.

The JDM Miracle Glove also helps manage grip strength. The Assist-a-Grip™ System allows you to grip the club lightly, reducing stress and minimizing muscle fatigue in your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.